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ENGAGE is an innovative team development, training and consulting company whose purpose is to inspire peak performance and happier lives in the workplace: creativity, wellness and strong leadership. Illuminate your life. Revitalize your purpose. - For speaking or workshop bookings contact us at




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Vital Germaine

Born to lead. Destined to inspire.


Vital Germaine founded ENGAGE as a result of a life and love of inspiring others to live happier lives and to achieve their dreams. His character and infectious spirit personify his name VITAL: full of energy, lively. 

He is the top-selling author of FLYING WITHOUT A NET and former Cirque du Soleil performer and team captain, public speaker, international team training consultant. Previous credits include: corporate event producer, fine artist, choreographer and creative director of theatrical events and shows around the world ranging from Shanghai to Fresno CA.

Originally a Belgian national, born in the Democratic Republic of Congo during a civil war, he was raised in England, before moving to Belgium at sixteen where he excelled in sports. He went as far as playing soccer for the National Indoor Youth Team before exchanging his passion for the performing arts.

He moved to New York in 1991 with nothing more than a dream in his pocket. Two years later, after demonstrating perseverence, he ran away with the Circus, becoming a member of Cirque du Soleil’s original cast of the ground-breaking Mystere in Las Vegas for 5 years. He then joined the US tour of Quidam

While on tour, a tragic injury ended his Cirque du Soleil career. Vitall went back to college and studied business. He started an entertainment company (RME Troupe, Inc) in 2006.  RME produced large-scale events for such companies as Microsoft, IBM and Canon to name a few and worked with celebrities like Jay Leno and the legendary Stevie Wonder. 

By consolidating and structuring his rich life experiences, they have become transferable resources that shorten the learning and growth curve for his audiences and workshop participants. 

Behind the scenes with Vital.

You will find Vital experiencing life to the fullest with an open mind, leveraging the power of Creative Ingenuity to better his life by  remaining forever curious and childlike, discovering, fearlessly exploring, growing and stepping out of his comfort zone – free to laugh, work hard and play.