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ENGAGE:Inspiring and powering Individuals, teams and organizations to fly without a net and become extraordinary. - For keynotes, trainings or workshops contact us at or 702. 523 1792






ENGAGE keynotes are designed to revitalize, and inspire greatness.

Vital Germaine is not only the President of ENGAGE, he is also a standout personality in the field of public speaking. His content-rich presentations are dynamic, informative, relevant, memorable and entertaining. His impactful keynotes have inspired and empowered audiences around the world.

His talks are customized and designed to incite action and initiate meaningful paradigm shifts that lead to increased sales, elevated Customer Experiences and happier lives in the workplace.


Vital is an expert in the following fields:

  1. leadership

  2. creativity + innovation

  3. team + Culture

  4. motivation

  5. sales + cX

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