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How to take risks that lead to successful innovation strategies.

Vital Germaine


Innovation cannot exist without risk and failure… and without innovation, relevance and significance fade and die. It's a scary tightrope to navigate when life and business continually change. Spencer Johnson said it best in the book, Who Moved My Cheese, "If you don't change you can become extinct."

There is a "safe" strategy to optimize the outcome of your risks and minimize your losses.

1. INTUITION: The great trailblazers and innovators connect with, and trust their intuition in conjunction with the element of planning and analyses (market research in business). The greats just seem to have a knack of knowing when and how to risk and expand their horizons. Intuition is not a blind act built purely on belief.

2. EVALUATION: Compare and weigh out your best/worst case scenarios. Clearly define and understand the situation and the consequences. Ask such questions as:

  • How influential will the value of that change be and how will the result impact your business or industry. What can you live with in terms of loss? Take the Blackjack player who takes all aspects into consideration before deciding to stick with what he's been dealt or risk his hand by requesting an additional card. What are the odds that the next card is what is desired? 

  • How much money is at stake and can the player afford to lose that amount.

  • What do the percentage suggest.

3. ALIENATION: In terms of pure business, have a pulse on what the market is ready to embrace. If the innovation you are proposing or delivering is too drastic or dramatic, the market might offer too much resistance. Take into account how much conviction and resources you have up your sleeve to counter act consumer alienation and subdue market resistance? Timing, packaging and educating the masses play key roles in success or failure.

4. ADAPTATION: Innovation is a progressive journey that demands strategic change and adaptation. The willingness to fail along that journey is a must... there is always a period of incubation and learning curve to navigate. Risk and innovation require patient nurturing while the product is sculpted.

5. OPTIMIZATION: When you take risks, the objective is to optimize the outcome, minimizing loss or "failure". Innovation offers no guarantees. The risk factor is ultimately based on what you live with? That is the boundary that confines or liberates you in regards to how far you are willing to elevate the ceiling and stretch minds.

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Vital Germaine

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